Life is filled with uncertainties and is wholly focused on things that we cannot control and cannot avoid. To be honest, the ability to open the eyes in the morning and peacefully go to sleep in the night being the only way to say that we are alive is excruciating. Regardless of the times, we try, we have not yet been able to discover the mystery of immortality, and therefore, we are considered as people who will die one day. There are only a little number of things that you can lean on and make sure that they will provide the comfort and assurance that you need. The Senior Care Life Insurance is considered one such valuable company in the world.

Therefore, in this article, we shall bring you everything that is there to know about them. We shall talk about the background information about the company, the plans, and the features that they offer, and also the reviews that other customers and companies have given them.

Before talking about the Senior Care Life Insurance…

There are many companies in the world, roaring across the internet and other sources of media, claiming that they are the best when it comes to providing the best life insurance options. They say that they provide you with the guarantee of life that you require. But the real question is whether they are telling the complete truth or not. What if they do not offer everything that they say they do? What if the features and options are just some mere promises made to fool you and make you join them? Even more importantly, what if they are lying and trying to trick you? What if they are not yet an insurance company after all, but are some scandals that are merely playing with some words?

These are just some actual questions that you and we have when we consider many of the things in life. So, why not think the same thing with regard to the purchasing of life insurance policies as well? We are shaped to consider a lot before investing money in anything, regardless of the amount that it involves. Well, unfortunately, there have been instances when people forgot the basics and therefore lost a huge amount of money to people who are actual cons.

Well, no one is paying for us, and we are definitely not affiliated with the company, so, therefore, we are here to bring you the most accurate details regarding the company. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about us taking the side of the company, and hiding the exact information of the company.

So, make sure that you read this article till the end and find out everything that is there to know about them.

What is the senior care life insurance policy?

First of all, we should tell you that this company is not an insurance company but a company that works as an affiliate with other organizations. Therefore, by joining them, you will not be receiving an insurance underwritten under their name but a policy that is made by some other company and will be receiving the help of the Senior Care USA Company to obtain it.

They are affiliate marketers of insurance companies and will only earn with the number of quotes they sell from these original companies.

When you visit them, they note down everything about you along with the requirements that you have and then obtain quotes from the companies that they have partnered with.

They are actually making you save your time, money and also are helping you to obtain quotes from different companies and then pick the best and the most affordable ones out of them. They also state that they offer the best options without considering the health statues, but these might actually change in accordance with the company.

They help the shoppers to compare and purchase the policies from their affiliate network. They specialize in a few types of policies. 

When considering the affordability of their plans, you should note that all their services are added with a broker fee. So, though the values are NOT UNAFFORDABLE, they can be though as a bit high. 

What are the affiliate companies of senior care?

Senior Care USA is an affiliated company and therefore does not have any programs that are of their own.

If you decide to work with a broker from this company, you will not be able to obtain an insurance that is named under the Senior Care tag but a policy that is from another company but purchased by the company under discussion.

A list of the companies that are affiliates of the Senior Care Life Insurance Company is given below:

1.    Gerber

This is a company that is popular for the Grow – up policy for children. However, they have a variety of insurance products that you can choose from. Nevertheless, they offer options to seniors and adults at excellent rates and are actually affordable to people.

Many companies have a larger set of requirements that you should abode to get a policy. But with this, they only have little.

This company has a two – year waiting period before getting return money. So, if you were to pass away (die) within the first two years of the purchasing of the policy, your family will not be able to receive any value back from them.

The search for the most affordable plan is not so easy, but they have plans that vary, starting from 22.50 dollars rising up to a value of 108.86 dollars.

Therefore, we can state that they have the most affordable premiums.

2.    AIG

AIG offers the best life insurance policies in town and is actually reputed for it. 

They are an AM best rated A-grade company and are financially secure and have the ability to pay any and all of the claims that they get.

Since the customer service section of the company is not very developed and well – to – do, they have a higher complaint rate with regard to the services that most of the customers received.

However, the company is still known for the carious life insurance options that they provide and therefore is standing atop of many of its competitors.

These varieties include:

– Term life insurance plans

– Guaranteed issue whole life insurance policies

– Universal life insurance policies

– Variable life insurance plans

However, the Senior care USA company only offers a limited set of plans provided by the company and, therefore, does not include a term or temporary plans.

3.    Mutual of Omaha

This is a company that is completely focused on providing permanent plans.

If you were looking for a permanent life insurance plan, then this is the company that you should consider because they are literally the best.

They are also a very reputed company in the sector. 

You can still get an online quote from Mutual of Omaha website if you are not willing to go to a broker to get things done, but then you will have to undergo the rest of the process alone – which is actually a harder process to at least think about.

What are the plans and the features offered by the company?

As mentioned above, they supply only whole life insurance plans.

We shall discuss later about the companies that the Senior Care USA is an affiliate member of, but however, keep in mind that you can join with almost all of the policies that they offer.

1.   Whole life insurance policies 

The permanent whole life insurance policies are an essential product that they sell, and anyone can purchase these until they are 85 years of age. These plans will cover your life and the requirements until the day you pass away – just as the name implies.

Their plans cover up to one million dollars, but you definitely should have to undergo a medical examination in order to get qualified.

The monthly premiums could, however, be a bit expensive than the ones that you usually find.

2.   Burial life insurance policies

They also cover these plans, which are of smaller ranges and of smaller premium values. The coverage could change from 2000 to 25,000 bucks. This type is only available for those who are from 50 to 85 years of age.

This is specially designed to cover the expenses that come when you pass away. So, more or less, it is full coverage that is given for your family members in order to cover the additional expenses that they might find hard to bear. This is also available on the basis that it will not require any medical examinations, but this is definitely a rule that changes with the company. I believe that the senior care company has no say in such an important decision except for the paperwork stuff that they usually support for.

The company from the eyes of their customers

Here are some of the reviews that the company gained with regard to the features and the other services that they offered. This will be a great opportunity for you to decide on whether to actually trust them or not because these are the words spoken by people who have actually tried this company and have undergone the experiences that the company has to offer you.

So, without further discussion let us move on!

· First of all, they have a B+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, which means that the company is somewhat on a moderate level and cannot be considered as pure scandal.

· They have also received complaints with regard to the regular telephone marketing and calling techniques that they use. Some have even gone as far as to complain about the company as harassing. The worst of this case was when a person complains about the constant phone calls they received even after mentioning that they are not interested.

· The location of the company is regarded to be somewhat of a state-based company. Being located in Florida, people in the area are the only ones who are able to visit the company and talk with the managers face – to – face. Others have no other options except for the over – the – phone and online sessions, which are actually considered as untrustworthy.

A few final words about senior care life insurance…

Well, now you know everything that is there to know about the Senior Care Life Insurance Company. We have brought you the reviews that they have had, the plans and features that they offer, and whatnot.

Before we end this article about this company, the Senior Care Life Insurance, there is one thing that we want you to keep in mind. This is very important, so I hope you do not stop reading in the middle.

Well, as we have mentioned most of the times here, there are so many people and websites and other organizations that are trying to earn some easy money by fooling other people. There are people who earn money by pretending to own large organizations, and there are also people who try to scam you through acting. Most of the times, they act as brokers for these companies and make you pay them. They will say exciting things indeed in order to make you fall for their lies. But there is no such thing as brokering insurances, and even if they did, they could not offer you a million – dollar plan for a few thousand bucks. 

So, the next time you see someone who is offering a program that is too good to be true, and then simply avoid them because there is nothing in the world that is too good. 

Also, do not wait until it is too late because well, hey, there is nothing you can do when every company says no with regard your age. Take your time to think about your options but importantly do not hesitate.

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