Taking matters seriously in life is a tough thing to do. This is especially the case when you are old or sick or are retired and are waiting at home getting things done with the help of your family members. There are certain decisions that you have to take in life before it is too old. Getting a life insurance that will actually take care of your needs will provide many valuable benefits for the amount that you pay for them. This is why we are bringing you this detailed article on Senior care USA Company. 

When it comes to purchasing a life insurance plan there are many companies that claim to provide you with the best features and the best options. There are many online websites and other information sources that share many details about the websites, and the best thing is that they all claim to be the best companies in town. Well, there is just one problem that is concerned with all these companies that claim to be the best. 

Does Senior care USA really genuine?

We all know that there can be only one BEST COMPANY and the others are always under them for some reason. The methods that are taken to select the best could change from the requirements that you have to the features that you expect to get from them. Anyways, there is only one such best company, and therefore, it is important to know which is the actual best and which are the ones that could maybe become additional options.

There are many questions that you need to consider before choosing a company to invest money with. Even the slightest involvement of cash should be considered in a matured manner if you do not want to lose your money for some scandals. There are more than enough stories about people who trusted these random online companies and the hypes and thereby lost a huge amount of money. So please do not be fooled by such harmful people – especially when you have the ability to read enough about them.

Therefore, we bring you this article about the senior care company, and we will not leave out anything that you should know about them.

Importantly, keep in mind that we are not getting paid from them; therefore, we will not be hiding any of the cons or exaggerating any of the pros of the company in any manner. We will just bring out the truth about them and share all the information with you so that you will be provided with the privilege to make an informed decision on whether or not to join this company in your future works.

What is Senior care USA? A quick background check about the company

The senior care USA is first and foremost not a simple life insurance company, but a company that works as an affiliate to other organizations. Therefore, by joining them, you will not be receiving an insurance underwritten by them but will be obtaining a policy that is made by some other company and will be receiving the help of the Senior Care Company to obtain it.

They are actually brokering of these companies and therefore include some broker charges (we shall talk about this in a later section).

If you were to visit the company, they will get all your requirements and details and then visit each of the companies and get quotes that will suit your requirements.

They are actually making you save your time and also will help you to obtain quotes from different companies and then pick the best and the most affordable ones out of them.

They only specialize in whole life insurance plans, and therefore you will get the opportunity to compare quotes with regard to this type.

They are stated to be a company that provides the best option regardless of the health condition, but these might change according to your conditions.

The policies are quite affordable, but there are certain fees (broker charges) added to the nominal value, and this makes the price a little higher than the normal values that you might find in the market.

Plans and features offered by the company

As mentioned above, they supply only whole life insurance plans.

They employ several affiliate companies, and they shall be discussed in a later section. However, you get the opportunity to sign up with any and all of the plans that are offered by the companies.

1. Whole life insurance plans

Senior care life insurance Company provides only permanent life insurance plans. 

Their main product is the whole life insurance, and they can be purchased by anyone until they are 85 years of age. They even offer plans to the younger applicants who are until 49 years of age. 

Their plans cover up to one million dollars, but you definitely should have to undergo a medical examination in order to get qualified to.

The value of the monthly premiums could, however, be a bit higher than the normal values that you experience.

2. Burial life insurance plans

This is a policy that is designed to help your family members cover the expenses of your funeral. So, it is a full coverage that is given for your family members in order to cover the additional expenses that they might find hard to bear.

They also cover these plans, which are of smaller ranges and of smaller premium values. The coverage could change from 2000 to 25,000 bucks. This type is only available for the seniors who are from 50 to 85 years of age.

This is also available on the basis that will not require many medical examinations, but this is definitely a rule that changes with the company. Senior care has no say in this, and therefore you should check out the requirements that the company give.

Is senior care USA affiliated?

This is a company that is an affiliate trader of the insurance companies in the country. There is no independent or unique plan that belongs to them and therefore cannot be considered an insurance company but an insurance brokering company.

The policy that you purchase will not be under their name but under the name of the company that it originally belongs to.

A list of the companies that are affiliates of senior care is given below:

1. Mutual of Omaha

This company is also concerned in providing of plans that are completely and definitely permanent.

Therefore, if you were finding to get a proper permanent life insurance plan, this could be easily named as the best company in town.

They are also pretty much reputed in the insurance sector.

Also, if you are really not into getting involved with a broker, you can still get a quotation online. Well, the hard part is that you will have to undergo the entire process on your own. They offer premium values that start from 28 dollars and go up until 136 dollars.

2. AIG

This is a reputed life insurance policy provider that is definitely one of the best options that you have.

They are an A-rated graded company and are financially strong and has the ability to pay any and all of the claims that they get.

They offer better options, but I should warn you that their complaint rate is a bit too high for such a company. This is mainly because their customer service section is not that developed.

Regardless of this, they have a very good status in the society, given that they offer a large variety of insurance policies to customers.

These varieties include:

– Term life insurance plans

– Guaranteed issue whole life insurance policies

– Universal life insurance policies

– Variable life insurance plans

The Senior care USA Company, however, only offers a limited set of these policy types, and they do not include the term or the temporary plans.

3. Gerber

Gerber is a pretty large company that provides a wide range of insurance products for you to choose from. They are well – known for the plans for the children, but they definitely offer plans that are of good rates for seniors and adults.

The most important aspect of them is that they have only a few requirements and are actually suitable for many people regardless of their health and wealth conditions.

This company also has a two – year waiting period, just like the other two. Therefore, you should note that you will not be able to get any returning benefit if you were to pass away in the first two years of the purchasing of the policy.

They have coverage that changes widely in the premium values. If you are looking for affordable coverage, this is definitely it because you get coverage from a minimum of 22.50 bucks to a maximum of 108.86 bucks. 

What do the people say about the company? – The company reviews

If you want to know the full history of something or the actual truth about something, you should definitely consult people who have experienced it before. This will allow you to identify the features of their service and thereby decide for yourself whether or not you are willing to take a risk or take the advantages offered by the company. 

So, here are some of the most important reviews that you definitely should read.

· Senior care has a B+ rating with regard to the BBB company, which provides the ratings without being biased to at least the customer ratings. With BBB, you can be certain that you get the rating solely concerned with the features and the qualities of the company.

· Senior care has, however, received complaints with regard to the telephone marketing system they adapt.

· One customer has actually filed a complaint with regard to the constant receiving of phone calls even after mentioning that they are not interested.

· Since the company is located in Pembroke Pines, Florida, it is considered to be a single state-focused company. Well, they do offer options to those who are out of state as well, such as online and over – the – phone processes. Still, the unavailability of branches of the company, and the chance to physically meet the brokers is a huge problem for many people.

Why should you join senior care USA?

If you have ever explored the internet for insurance options, you must have seen that it is flooded with people who claim to provide you with various offers. They say they are cheap; they say they are the best you will find. They say that they are affiliates of these companies and will provide you with the facility to obtain some million-dollar plan for not more than a few thousand dollars and so on. 

You might laugh and all sorts of things, but I have seen many people who got scammed by these cons and therefore had to lose more than quite a few amounts of money.

Well, you should definitely keep in mind that these stories are extreme lies and that there are no such things as they say. There are no such things as brokers who get you ten times decreased payment options. Almost all of them are complete liars and are up to no good other than stealing your hard-earned money in whatever the way they can. It is important that you understand that the people who say such things have different motives and thereby stay in safe sides.

Therefore, if you do not have much knowledge in the computer and internet fields make sure you get the assistance of someone younger and thereby make the best selection out of all those options that are offered to you.

See, there is no such thing as being too late to make these decisions. Therefore, take your time to make the selection but not on deciding whether or not to buy a life insurance policy.


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